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Flea for cats could be very daunting for them, thus, I use Comfortis for cats for my very own cats. One tiny flea could turn into a huge problem once not removed from the body of a cat. This is possible to happen because one female flea is capable of producing a maximum of fifty eggs just within a day. This will probably turn that “one tiny flea” in a total infestation before even the owner of the pet knows it is there.

Comfortis is now available as a cheap flea treatment for cats. This treatment begins killing the insects even before they can lay their eggs. It also offers a whole flea protection month in order to assist you avoid the future infestations of flea. In fact, this Comfortis product is given the utmost full satisfaction rating by veterinarians as compared to some other flea control monthly products. However, before you should finally make use of this particular product, it is important you know and understand what you are about to fight off, the fleas.

Comfortis for Cats

  • What are Fleas?

The color of adult fleas can be viewed as reddish-brown, which are found with flattened, or compressed bodies back and forth. Even though these tiny creatures are visibly seen with your naked eye, they are very small from which you may line up around 8 adult fleas, one after the other, in 1 inch. Since fleas are extremely small, they may be very hard to detect, which is even harder to get rid off from your own home. These fleas don’t have any wings, yet they possess exceptional jumping ability. This gives them the chance to jump effortlessly from the ground level in order to infest a pet.

Fleas survive because of blood, from which the female ones consume around 15 times of their own body weight every day. The incompletely digested blood will be excreted by the flea, and then when it dries it will form the commonly known as “flea dirt”. This dirt serves as the food of other growing larvae of flea. This development is another way how pet owners and veterinarians could determine the infestation. This is the main reason why I worry so much the fleas that were previously present on my pets.

It is crucial that a pet owner worry for their pets once they figure out that they (pets) have these fleas because they can produce some serious problems. This is particularly true to the health of the pet. These fleas may not only make the life of your pet miserable, yet depending on his/her general physical condition and age, these tiny creatures may create a severe risk to his/her health. Fleas may cause serious discomfort to every pet, which includes chewing, biting, scratching, and restlessness. These insects are also the main cause of FAD or Flea Allergy Dermatitis, which is known as the most frequent veterinary dermatological state. Serious infestations of flea may also cause anemia, particularly in smaller or young pets, or maybe in incapacitated adult pets. Worse, those ingested fleas may also spread tapeworm infection to our pets.

  • What Should You Do?

Therefore, because of the harmful effects that these fleas can brought to my and your pets, it is always a good idea to consider the use of Comfortis for cats so as to get rid of them in no time. Good thing this product for cats is introduced to help every pet owner remove the daunting feeling brought by these fleas. This natural flea treatment is very easy to apply. This medication is made from flavored tablet that is applied orally. That is why there is no need for you to worry about residues and there is also no need for you to worry about rinsing off after grooming, swimming, or bathing.

Comfortis flea and tick control is attainable through veterinarians. That is why you will be able to feel really confident that you are applying the proper dosage for your pets. It is vital that you ask some recommendations from your pet’s veterinarian if this product is applicable for the pet.

Comfortis for cats is one of the members of the insecticides’ spinosyns class. This form of insecticides is non antibacterial tetracyclic macrolides. Actually, this treatment is not only indicated for cats, they can also be applied for the flea treatment of dogs. This product is applied for cats and dogs to kill and prevent flea infestations.

  • Advantages of the Product

There are several advantages if you consider using this medication for your pet. This Comfortis product is a beef-flavored, chewable tablet. For both of these characteristics found from the product, it is very easy to apply without experiencing messy applications for your pet.

You may provide this chewable drug to your pet with or without the presence of any food. This medication is very effective from which it may begin eliminating the fleas just with thirty minutes before giving them the chance to lay their eggs.

This medication offers full flea security for a whole month. Aside from the convenience it provides, it will also give you the chance to play with your pet without having to worry about the fleas he/she may spread around your house. It is even recognized as the best flea shampoo for dogs of some pet owners.

Comfortis medication set off the receptors of nicotinic acetylcholine within insects. As a result to this, the fleas found on your cat or dog will be set immobile and killed. Comfortis for cats shows 100% efficiency on the initial day after its treatment. There also some observed Comfortis side effects, so it is always a good idea to ask a pharmacist or veterinarian before allowing your pet to take any other medications, over-the-counter, herbal medications or vitamins. These side effects may include decreased appetite, vomiting, and/or diarrhea.

The generic name of the Comfortis is spinosad. You should follow the indications provided to your pet by your veterinarian strictly in order to receive the expected result. When during the application you have some additional concerns or questions about this Comfortis for cats, you should contact a pharmacist or your veterinarian because they are the ones to provide you the most accurate answer.

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